Laurie Solet: Home Bound Tips

How is everyone doing? I thought I'd share what our team is up to these days in hopes that you find something to try out or to look forward to:


Bailey's Tips

Date Nights:
  • Chopped Kitchen: have your spouse pick four items and the other one has to make a dinner using them and anything else available
  • Look up couple questions/conversation starters online
  • Find a new series to binge together
  • Watch old movies you have wanted to see
  • Learn a language
  • Go on walks together
  • We moved furniture around and repainted our mantel just for fun and to switch things up!
Activities for Littles:
  • Do Cosmic Yoga on YouTube or Amazon
  • Hide and seek
  • Scavenger hunts in the backyard
  • Get dirty! Our backyard has a creek that we have been exploring
  • Play “I spy
  • Chalk on your driveway or write nice messages on the sidewalk for neighbors to see as they get outside
  • ABC Mouse is free for 30 days right now (Ages 2-8)
  • Make forts or “camp” inside
  • Teach them how to do things around the house: laundry, unload/load dishwasher, feed pets, clean and chop vegetables and fruit, Penelope is teaching her little brother, John, new tricks.
  • Learn new jokes from the internet (what is a cat’s favorite color? Puuurrrrrrple)


Kristin's Tips

Self Care:

  • During this crazy time, self-care has become a huge part of my day! I have found multiple products to make you feel great. My favorite face-mask is from Target and called "Que Bella". These masks are amazing! I have used one almost every night because they make my skin feel hydrated and fully rejuvenated the next morning.
  •  If you are looking for something to watch that is action packed that keeps you on the end of your seat, Interstellar is a fantastic choice. This Sci-fi film will capture your attention the whole time and leave you in awe. It has become my favorite movie! A good classic movie to watch is The Breakfast Club, you can't really go wrong with this one! Now if you're looking for a good Netflix series to keep you occupied, Stranger Things is one of my favorites. There are three seasons and each season will leave you wishing there was more! 

Family Activity:

  • AR Workshop is a company that offers the materials to make your own chunky blanket!  You are able to choose the color you want and then purchase it online. You can then choose to get it dropped off to your house! It was such an easy, fun, and different activity to do as a family. Plus, the blankets are so cozy:)



Laura's Tips

Recipes to Try:
  • Bread makes everything better, yes? My family loves me even more when I bake bread. This recipe for Rosemary + Sea Salt Bread is so good and SIMPLE (it's from an stl food blogger, The Cookie Rookie! Scroll through her blog, I just love her stuff). I mix up the dough and let it rise overnight, then pop it in the oven when I wake up.
    • Save 4 thick slices, and make this! Yummm. Serve with a good soup or eat as an appetizer.
  • I just made this taco recipe for the first time, and already know it's going in my wheelhouse for easy week night dinners! We are primarily vegetarian in our home, but you could easily sub any meat here for the lentils if you prefer it. 
  • A great sheet pan salmon recipe that makes enough for leftovers. I cut the rice out and I leave blackened seasoning off some of the salmon for my toddler & baby to eat.



Puja's Tips

Get Some Indoor Plants:
  • ZZ Plant (my #1). So easy. Give it decent light and water twice a month and that's it! Likes to stay in a smaller tight pot where roots are more condensed, so you won't have to repot too much.

  • Golden Pothos. My favorite for a "leafy" look. The vines grow fairly quickly and long so you can drape across a shelf or mantle. Needs bright light and water about twice a week otherwise it will start looking droopy. Needs a little more care but worth the lush, jungle vibes!
My Quarantine Playlist:


Julie's Tips

Projects around the house: 

  • Painting white trim (there is soooo much white to touch up) 
  • Washing windows, inside and out
  • Deep cleaning kitchen; backsplash and exhaust hood filters (YUCK)
  • Deep cleaning closet and flipping over to spring clothes!
  • My next project is cleaning garage and getting Christmas (eek) decorations put in attic
To Do With Teens:
  • We have been occasionally playing games. Our new favorite is The Chameleon. Bonus is everyone laughs :)
  • Spontaneous "field trips". This week we went to Rockwoods Reservation, but I know several parks have closed, so we may need to get more creative
  • Baking



Haley's Tips


  • These past few weeks, I’ve been loving relaxing in bed with a good movie or show and snacks! I’d recommend also lighting a candle and putting on a good face mask, I’ve loved Glamglow and Lush:)
  • My favorite Netflix series has been Cheer, I finished that in a few days! I also love to watch crime documentaries (Law & Order is my go-to!) when cleaning or organizing, which I’ve been doing a lot of.
  • Since in quarantine, its been good for me to FaceTime my friends and go outside whenever I can.


 Stay well everyone! Message us if you need anything -

xoThe Laurie Solet Team


text: 636-893-4446