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This Is Beauty

This Is Beauty

Introducing clean, natural and sustainable beauty at Laurie Solet! We are so excited to bring this to our customers. Something seemed to crack open in the wellness & beauty industry this past year. We all need self-care that helps keep this busy life in balance. It's all very inward facing; products & scents that make you feel good! A gentle reminder for us to be mindful of how we treat ourselves. Here are some ideas for new beauty rituals:

Putting on the Salt + Stone mineral sunscreen before you do any outdoor activities

Using the Matcha + Mint lip balm and taking a couple seconds to smell the delicious scent as you apply

Taking a shower at the end of a busy day with one of our heavenly shower steamers

Removing makeup with the relaxing Neroli + Lavender cleansing balm and doing a mini massage while you cleanse

When you feel a little dip in your mood, take a moment to apply perfume as a practice of mini self-care. The 11 11 perfume has become a favorite for it's uniquely warm & clean scent

    All of these are an indulgence for you and a way to treat yourself. This Memorial Day Weekend we are hosting a Beauty Event. Come peruse and find your new special product that makes you feel beautiful!