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Things Of Note: December

Things Of Note: December

I am excited to soak up the holiday season! T
he coziness and merriment that December brings is something I cling to when life gets crazy. The bundling up, twinkly lights, indulgent coffee orders, decorating our home, and the warm fuzzy feelings you get when you find the perfect Christmas playlist… I’m here for it all.

I also look forward to reflection and deciding what changes I can make to be a better version of me next year; What makes you happy? What fills your cup? What can you do to wrap up this year and feel amazing on day 1 of 2023? I will be making a list of things that light me up and blocking out time for it in my calendar next year. Here's a list of what I'm looking forward to for the last bit of 2022: 

1) Taking our kids to the Garden Glow. If you're local to St. Louis, this is a great family outing!

2) Enjoying my holiday decorations (I went minimal this year and am loving it!)

3) This Holiday Playlist has been so peaceful and is exactly what I needed this year

4) Wrapping gifts! I love a beautiful gift wrap and am trying out something more sustainable with kraft paper, twine and sprigs of greenery

5) Wearing my most festive pieces to the handful of parties we have scheduled

6) Filling my house with the smell of fresh-baked treats. I love this blog for holiday dishes! Some other ones that are on my list to try: soft gingerbread cookies, iced butter cookies, the jingle juice, and the crockpot egg nog. 

7) Early nights in bed with a book

8) Gifting myself some special newness!


Happiest Holidays to you ✌️