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Summer Fashion Guide

Summer Fashion Guide

Summer 2021 is upon us! We are starting to see people reemerge and everyone is feeling very positive at the shop. Not to mention we are loving the new arrivals this season! It all feels so good and makes us happy, too.  Here's the trends we are seeing:

Maybe tired of loungewear and looking for some excitement? Customers and designers alike are ready to wear all the prints, colors, and shapes! For prints we are loving anything floral, be it small or large. Lots of color is being stocked, but I would say the trending colors are sunny yellow and bubblegum pink. And the biggest trend in the maximalist department is to make a statement with your sleeves. Puffy shoulders and ruffles galore!

Over wearing loungewear, but miss this ease of getting dressed? Enter the matching set! These cuties can be broken up, but we love them worn together.

The rumors are somewhat true... the higher rise & straight leg pants are trending. But just know I don't think the skinny jean is out of style! Designers are showing a more retro looking fit this year. Think "mom jeans", but sleeker and updated.

Gold chains, single or layered up, are going to be your easy go to's this summer! Ellie Vail is our customer favorite. Stainless steel with a 14k gold plate = no tarnishing. These pieces are made to be worn in the water!

Again, it's nice to see color and this is an easy way to inject it into an otherwise neutral outfit. Stack up the ones that make you the happiest! Have fun with it!



Simple white will always win in the summertime. Even better when it's linen and gauzy! These are the must-haves that we will be reaching for time and time again.