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2020 Holiday Gift Guides!

2020 Holiday Gift Guides!

Clockwise from top left:
Kacey Feather Hoodie $78 (in-store only. 2 colors available!)
Birch Holiday Candle, $29-65
Comfy Jogger, $78
Pillar Slippers, $60

Clockwise from top left:
Ivory Sweater, $78 / Ivory Sweater Skirt $68 (available in-store only)

Clockwise from top left:
Wine Glasses, $12 each (available in-store only)
Sparkle Chain Necklace, $48
11 11 Roller Oil Perfume, $48
Clockwise from top left:
Let It Snow Sweater, $134
Santa's Reindeer Wine Glass (set of 9), $98 (available in-store only)
Kinsey Feather Wrap, $68
Silent Night Baby Sleep Gown, $60 (available in-store only)

Clockwise from top left:
Mahnal Necklace, $85 (in-store only)
Be-Je Stackable Rings, $118-148 (available in-store only)
11 11 Perfume, $98
Suede Camo Leggings, $99

Call us for items available in-store only. We can ring you out over the phone and arrange a curbside pick up/delivery.
Do you have someone impossible to shop for? If you aren't finding that perfect gift please feel free to reach out to us! Email or text 636-893-4446 for more gift ideas. There are so so so many great pieces in-store that we would love to share with you! 
Happy Shopping!